Saturday, October 9, 2010

One Inch Punch Neckwarmer

I keep harping that the weather has finally turned to fall in Austin, when, really, it is just no longer unbearably hot. Because of the new air, I really have been on a pattern making whim.. fast and easy knits that take a good movie to whip out.
And so, the One Inch Punch neckwarmer was born.
Just as a nerdy side note, each square measures 1".. hence the name.

US no 11 straight knitting needles
Malibrigo worsted weight yarn
2 Buttons
Darning needle to weave in ends and button sewing thread/needle
Gage: 4sts/4rows= 1".. if your gage differs, and you want to keep your squares an inch, definitely do a swatch and measure.

CO 30 sts
Knit 2 rows

Stripe A:
R1: k5, *p4, k4 repeat from * to last st, k1
R2: k1, *p4,k4 repeat from *to last st, k1.
Repeat R1 and R2 once more

Stripe B:
R1: k1, *p4, k4 repeat from * to last st, k1
R2: k5, *p4,k4 repeat from * to last st, k1
Repeat R1 and R2 once more

Continue alternating stripe A and B for 23" (or 23 squares)

Button holes:
Continuing in pattern as set, work 8 sts, then yo, k2tog, work to last 9 sts, yo, k2tog, work to end.
Return to pattern, and continue for another 4 rows.
K 2 rows for edge.
BO all stitches.

Sew on buttons, done!

I really love this checkerboard weave stitch pattern. If you have any questions about my goofy pattern writing, please let me know.. I'll answer what I can!