Thursday, January 14, 2010

January Dress of the Month

I finished the sample for the January DOTM class, and It's freakin' awesome. Simple, neat details, and I thoroughly enjoyed the neckline construction. I had originally thought it would be an annoying yoke situation with stitching in the ditch or wacky turning or even narrow hems.. but it was rather neat! I am such a sewing nerd these days that any unexpected trick makes me jump with joy.
I made the tunic dress variation with pointy shaped yoke and elastic 3/4 sleeves. Unfortunately, because I DO love cutting corners; I did not use the 'elastic measurement guide' and just cut a size that seemed to fit around my arms, and now they are a bit snug. I am hoping they will stretch a bit while wearing. I hate tight arms.

Next time I promise I'll have someone take my picture so that you can see the whole thing on a human.

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